Wednesday 11 February 2015

DMX Tech

my DMX Tech dropped so much because of recent CEO and CFO were arrested by HK police.

well, quite depressed over this as my dmx already dropped more than 40%..

should not listen to my broker and should not buy penny.

i should stick to my rule. NO Penny. but i always never learn from my lesson...

Sunday 1 February 2015

tonight dinner at peach garden with hubby. Since hubby has this 50 dollar voucher in peach garden and there is some restriction to use the voucher before/ after 15 days of cny. And the voucher is going to expire soon. So we decided to dine at peach garden tonight.
Food is good. but is expensive. 2 person dinner, we pay 68 for it.
This is my first 'chinese style fine dining' and first try for deer meat.

after dinner, we went to buy cny for my mum and my MIL. spent about 150 for this. 
well, no matter how savvy saver i am, i think i am still a woman. everytime i go shopping, i may lost some of control. 

But spend some money to our loved one, and somemore once per year. i think this is worth for the money.

Own cook lunch in office

own cook lunch in office.
My main purpose is for my own health, my new year resolution is to have a more healthy diet.

hope this can last long:)